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Healthcare in Special Populations Paper

Healthcare in Special Populations Paper

Healthcare services in the United States seem to be increasingly complex over time. Even within the last several years there have been major changes in the healthcare system that have affected patients. While some patients are able to navigate this fluctuating environment, these patients who come from a disadvantaged background are most likely to have problems obtaining the healthcare they need.Healthcare in Special Populations Paper

For example, individuals from impoverished communities may not have enough healthy food which can lead to an increased prevalence of heart disease, diabetes and obesity (Levesque, Harris & Russell, 2013). Each of these has negative health outcomes. The Affordable Care Act, while by no means perfect, allowed for pre-existing conditions to be covered by insurance. This afforded care to less advantaged individuals (Gaffney & McCormick, 2017). However, with shifting perspectives on healthcare, this may change yet again. Nurses, as the professionals who often work with these individuals face to face are also challenged by these changes in healthcare; however, they may also have the ability to make the biggest impact on special or underprivileged patients.


Patient centered care alone is shown to increase one’s opinion of the healthcare they receive. Similarly, nurses can act as a resource for helping these people get the right insurance and engaging in preventative care. Nursing professionals can even reach out to the community by participating in community health fairs and events. Promoting regular check ups is one of the best ways to keep disadvantaged populations healthy. It is important to rally for healthcare coverage for this group and continue to encourage patients to stay connected with their medical professionals.Healthcare in Special Populations Paper
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Healthcare in Special Populations Paper


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