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Health Care Critical Thinking Paper on Stress

Health Care Critical Thinking Paper on Stress


I interviewed a few members of my neighborhood on the most common stressor that they face in their lives. Most of them identified an unhealthy lifestyle as their most common stressor. An unhealthy lifestyle is composed of poor eating habits, minimal physical exercising, drinking excessively and/ or smoking. The group is composed of young individuals in their early to late thirties who have busy lifestyles with careers that take a lot of their time and family. More than half of the individuals in this group are overweight, which can be attributed to eating junk food. On asking them the reason for eating junk food, they cited lack of time as their reason for not eating healthy. All the individuals drive to work and therefore do not have the opportunity to walk.  I would wish to work with this group because they are aware of their problem, and they would be willing to work on their unhealthy lifestyles so that they can improve their health in the short and long term. My goal for this project would be to achieve weekly progress in terms of eliminating junk food from the individuals’ diets, and reducing the amount of alcohol taken per week, and the number of cigarettes smoked per day (Seward 64). Health Care Critical Thinking Paper on Stress


Plan to work with the Group

I identified twenty five individuals from the group who would be willing to work with me to improve their unhealthy lifestyles. The major motivation for majority of these individuals was to look good. Most people not just in my chosen group believe that being healthy can be seen from their appearance (Palmer and Cooper 45). Most young people want to look good, especially when they have many friends or run around social circles that have very competitive individuals. The group members could divide themselves up into groups that could go to the gymnasium together in the morning, and in the evening depending on their availability. Health Care Critical Thinking Paper on Stress

Building awareness for the individuals would involve educating the group members about their Body Mass Index (BMI) ratios, and how it has an important effect on their health parameters, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels (Harvard Business Review 34). There will also be awareness talks about the rates of poor habits in relation to chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and various types of cancer. The group members will also be informed on the manner in which they can reduce poor eating habits, such as taking water thirty minutes before their meals to increase fullness and reduce the quantity of food that individuals eat. Individuals will also be encouraged to share on tips that their fellow group members can make use in order to cut back on weight and poor eating habits. Since most of the group members are neighbors, they can take turns going to the market to shop for green vegetables and fruits. Such an initiative would work as a support group to ensure that all members stick to a healthy diet, and use healthy items, such as fruits to snack instead of junk food.

Individuals can use the community gymnasium to work out after work or jog in the morning before they head out to work. Individuals should also ensure that they take a minimum of eight glasses of water daily to increase the body’s ability to remove toxins from the body.

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