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Geriatric Suicide Assignment Essay

Geriatric Suicide Assignment Essay

Depression and suicide are substantial well-being problems for the elderly. Depression is a universal problem and is highly related to suicide. Older individuals commit more suicide which is specifically distinct among men.Geriatric Suicide Assignment Essay

As individuals grow older, they often face substantial life changes that can escalate the risk of depression. For instance, health problems such as mental decline and damage to an individual’s body image as a result of certain sicknesses contribute to depression. Besides, reduced sense of purpose due to events such as retirement which is associated with loss of identity, self-confidence, and financial well-being increases the threat of depression (Babatsikou, et al., 2010). Physical limitations on activities that an individual used to perform also affects their sense of purpose.Geriatric Suicide Assignment Essay

Geriatric depression is associated with sadness and feelings of despair. Although depression and sadness are highly associated elderly individuals assert not to experience feelings of sadness (Hajjar, Nardelli, Gaudenci, & Santos, 2017). Instead, they claim to experience physical problems such as deteriorating headaches.


          Depression among the elderly can, however, be treated. For instance, an individual should be positive in life by engaging with other members of the community through which they will enjoy a strong purpose in life. For instance, such individuals should focus on what they can do and not what they used to do. Besides focusing on things that one always wanted to do is another way of dealing with depression (Myoungjin, Sun-Ae2, & Kawoun, 2019). Through this meaning and joy are added to life and mental decline avoided.

In conclusion, depression among the aged is very prevalent. The rate of geriatric depression is associated with an increase in financial demands due to retirement. However, the condition can be treated by engaging in community activities which gives individuals a sense of purpose.Geriatric Suicide Assignment Essay


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Myoungjin, K., Sun-Ae2, K., & Kawoun, S. (2019). Systematic Review on the Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Activities of Daily Living in Cognitively Intact Older Adults. Korean Journal of Adult Nursing, 1-13.Geriatric Suicide Assignment Essay


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