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Gender Polarization and Life Chances Essay

Gender Polarization and Life Chances Essay

Nowadays there are so many interesting topics the most of them are about sexual differences between genders. This work is an attempt to show how different genders behave in such a specific way? It is interesting to observe the way they express their feelings, emotions, and sex attractions.Gender Polarization and Life Chances Essay

Women emphasize more personal relationships and they are family-oriented. Have you ever paid attention to all important work a woman performs? It is an interesting question. The majority of teachers are women and they bring us up and show us good manners.Gender Polarization and Life Chances Essay

Men are more likely to want to control almost everything; they want to be a head of family. Men are more likely to discuss technical products or service as opposed to women who discuss family relations and relations at all.

Sociologists disagree with the theory that the different person’s job defines a future behavior.

Since teen age, boy’s and girl’s life style of different genders changes and we even could not imagine how it is to be of another gender. For example, girls do not think that they will help their father fix the car or something like that. Of course, girls think that they would not be so emotional, nice, and cute, but it is a good opportunity to make relationships with father closer.


Almost all the time, these two genders are fighting for major rights. Men consider that women should sit at home, look after children, and be family-oriented.Gender Polarization and Life Chances Essay

There was a question in text when you observe shoppers in a grocery store whether mostly men or mostly women are shopping. Women do shopping frequently; they try to find some cheaper products because they have to prepare some food for husband and children. According to text in Iraq, women just want to be in membership of Iraq Police Academy and work hard while men are very successful being childcare workers.

My opinion is that gender difference is an acute issue. I think it depends on a personality of every person. Mentality also leaves an intense footprint on such fighting between the genders. However, I think we must accept both of them equally.Gender Polarization and Life Chances Essay


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