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Gender and Power Report Assignment

Gender and Power Report Assignment

Dobash, Margo and Daly have given a comprehensive insight into the myth of sexual symmetry in marital violence (71). There has been a general belief in the United States and many other countries around the world violence against women is just as prevalent as violence against men.

These scholars set forth to dispel this myth and to give more insight into the issue of violence against women, and how power and gender play off in the current society. The world has experienced massive changes in the social structure. Various countries have seen the position of women in the society in terms of power and related facets.Gender and Power Report Assignment

Women empowerments, gender equality, empowering the girl child are terms that are common, and reflect the shift of power, from an all-powerful man, to a society where both genders are empowered. Power in relation to gender is something that has been there since time in memorial. Gender in this context refers to the state of being a male or a female and their social roles as determined by their mental, physical, and behavioral character.

For a long time, power was based on the physical strength of an individual, and for that matter, men were considered more powerful (Connell 21). This has changed a great deal. This paper seeks to define gender and power given the current societal context based on the analysis given by the above mentioned scholars.

Dobash, Margo and Daly hold that women are yet to gain power in the modern day society (79). Power in the past years was associated with men in the society. In various fields, from politics, religion, and culture or family, men would dictate how things would be done, while women were viewed as being weak, and their opinions were less valued. In those past years, women were strictly given no audience in any social gathering.


Their role was restricted to taking care of the domestic chores and most importantly, taking care of the interests of their husbands. All along men have been viewed as having the potential and ability to be dominant in all aspects of life while a woman’s role was to respond to men’s decision (Morris and Tahira 29).

This has for a long time undermined women and lowered their esteem in the society. In many societies around the world, women would never be given any position considered powerful. They have for a long time been sidelined and placed at the receiving end. There was a massive distinction between the two genders.

Men were would always have their way in most of the events, and the society felt this was normal. Power and authority was generally believed to be a preserve for men. Dobash, Margo and Daly demonstrate this is their analysis (79).

Connell (56) argues that an analysis into gender and power demonstrates that symmetry of power between the two genders is yet to be achieved.Gender and Power Report Assignment

The scholar brings out the fact that women in the modern days should bring out their best in all they do; and that women have as much power just as men (Connell 56). In the past, women would never be allowed to hold any serious position in the society. This has changed with time. It is coming out clearly from this show, that women are acquiring power, and that they are becoming conscious of their capabilities.

Women today can openly hold social gatherings to discuss their issues. In addition, in politics, women are taking part and the position of women and power has completely taken another course in the society. Women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama of the United States have been mentioned frequently in this show as women who have demonstrated that power is not a preserve for men. The show has used Condoleezza Rice as women who have inspired others to gain power irrespective of their gender.

Women have realized that there is an inner power in them that can make them achieve the best of the resultsThis has given them the desire to know more, learn, and earn respect in the society. It has also raised the women esteem in the society, as they now feel free to meet and share about how their husbands are treating them and the progress of their family as a whole (Morris and Tahira 113).

For this reason, women have derived so many ideas from her and have now become more confident that they can do even much more. The place of women is now not just in the kitchen. Their eyes are now open and many are now determined to advance their career and to have power just as much as men.Gender and Power Report Assignment

Kimmel and Holler (221) women have potential that when natured, can deliver good results in the society. The notion that women are weak is not true. Yes, they may not be as masculine as men are, but this should not make them be viewed as weaker parties in various respects within the society. Women can make key decisions, they can take care of families, they can make good political leaders, and this demonstrates that power is not a preserve of any of the genders.

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