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Game Play and Game Mechanics Design Essay

Game Play and Game Mechanics Design Essay

Cheating in Video Games

How well individuals play a game is determined by how well the rules are followed. In every game, rules are very significant as they help individuals avoid trouble and keep the peace, be good winners and losers and give clear guidelines on how arguments can be settled in case they arise in the course of playing a game. By being clear on the rules of the game, individuals are sure of maximizing their fun at all times.Game Play and Game Mechanics Design Essay

Altering codes is one way in which players use to cheat in a game. However, this skill requires an Individual who is very skilled to ensure that the game remains playable even after inserting the given codes. Not all cheats that give a player an advantage in the game. Some cheat codes, for example, make the game more challenging by making enemies more resistant and or reducing a player’s character resistance to damage (Ramos, López, Rodríguez, & Abrams, 2013). Besides, some of the cheat codes give individual unusual skills not normally found in the game such as the ability to race through surfaces. Moreover, others often create unusual changes in the game world. Some players also hack the game to discover weak points in the games’ programming. This gives the players and excitement and especially when they win against an opponent and especially the latest anti-cheating mechanisms.Game Play and Game Mechanics Design Essay


          Games are not only meant for fun but also other crucial activities such as teaching. While playing a game, players set targets on what they want to achieve. For instance, some may have the intention of engaging with other players, manage the flow of information or just for enjoyment. When one of the players’ breaks a rule, they are punished according to the rule they broke. There exists a significant number of rules in video games. Constitutive rules are the first category of rules. These are the core mathematical rules in any kind of a game. It is within this category of rules that the game’s internal logic exists. However, these rules do not direct players on how they should apply them. Operational rules are another category of rules that guide the game and determine how the players are supposed to conduct themselves (FABRICATORE, 2008). In a nutshell, these rules are the instructions and constraints listed in the manual. Implicit rules are also the rules that are not listed in the manure but are internally appreciated by the players without the need of being reminded of what is expected of them before the game begins.Game Play and Game Mechanics Design Essay

A few weeks ago, my bosom buddies and I took part in a video game. Anytime we engage in a game we are guided by implicit and operational rules but on this particular day, I was ready to break the rules. I am not very good when it comes to playing such kinds of games but I needed to win to prove to them that I can do it. Driven by zeal and anxiety to win, I had to break the rules of the game. Anytime my find was not keen on his game controller, I would tamper with it which made him lag. I finally won the game but I was not rewarded with the one hundred dollars which the winner was supposed to take home as the prize money. My friend Perez has also broken implicit rules on more than one occasion. One of the implicit rules is to always appear in the game room neat and well-dressed which he does not do in most instances. Anytime he appears in that manner he not allowed to take part in the game as a punishment.



Ramos, y., López, M., Rodríguez, A., & Abrams, M. (2013). The Legal Status of Video Games. World Intellectual Property Organization, 1-96.Game Play and Game Mechanics Design Essay


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