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Falsifiability in Nursing Science Essay

Falsifiability in Nursing Science Essay

The principle of falsifiability as advocated for by Popper, argues that there is always a possibility of disapproving any scientific theory. Popper argues that empirical experiments give results that can be disapproved by conducting the experiments continuously (Dahnke & Dreher, 2011).Falsifiability in Nursing Science Essay

If a given experiment or theory cannot be falsified, then that theory cannot be regarded as being scientific as far as the principle of falsifiability is concerned. On the other hand, nursing being a science that is concerned with human body needs to be specific and dynamic.

Human beings are not similar in every aspect, given the fact that different people react differently to various situations or substances. Therefore, to a certain extent the principle of falsifiability applies in the nursing science. It is important to note that there is no theory that can have strengths only, since several assumptions are made when coming up with scientific theories.

For example, it is believed that if quality care and attention is given to a patient, chances of the patient recovering increase (Klemke, Hollinger & Rudge, 1998). As much as this may hold in many instances due to its psychological aspect, there are patients who are less concerned with the type of care they receive.

This minimal cases, of patients to whom it does not matter how you handle them, can be used in falsification of the belief. On the same note, certainty is not an option in nursing science. When dealing with the human body, one cannot afford to take chances or gamble as that may lead to death.

Therefore, each patient is given special consideration and all necessary tests taken afresh each time (klemke, Hollinger & Rudge, 1998). This requires reasoning which will ensure that proper decisions are made given the prevailing conditions. Consequently, deductive reasoning which is also applied by the principle of falsifiability is used in nursing.Falsifiability in Nursing Science Essay


Deductive reasoning ensures that conclusions made are certain. In this regard, the principle of falsifiability is quite crucial in nursing. However, there are other nursing facts that cannot be falsified under any circumstances. The morphology of the human ear or any other part of the body will remain the same.

Subsequently, theories explaining functioning of the body parts cannot be falsified. The facts about the human body are not open for falsification by further experiments as the principle of falsifiability would require. Nevertheless, theories about the human body are open to further discovery which can lead to new ways of medical treatment (Drehnke & Dreher, 2011).

It should, however, be noted that drugs meant to cure various diseases are not universally prescribed to every person. When carrying out tests to verify whether a given drug is good for human use, only a sample of people is taken. Samples are not necessarily true representation of the whole population. There can be people in the population with special and peculiar conditions.

These people can be used to falsify some facts about the drug. As a result, there are always instances when various nursing facts can be refuted. Nonetheless, it has been proved that there is a possibility of theories avoiding falsification.Falsifiability in Nursing Science Essay

However, this depends on the conditions under which the theory was formulated. Conversely, it is paramount to note that conclusive verification of a scientific theory is practically impossible. Therefore, the science of nursing should exercise the principle of falsifiability, though with caution.


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