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Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care Unit

Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care Unit


The ultimate objective of healthcare practice is to meet the needs of all patients. Many nurses identify and implement various concepts in their respective clinical areas to ensure that high-quality care is available to different individuals. One of these approaches is evidence-based practice (EBP). This discussion examines how EBP is used in my primary care unit. Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care Unit

Use of Evidence-Based Practice

Every practitioner in my unit is always encouraged to use EBP in order to deliver high-quality and timely medical services to the targeted patients. This concept has been applied using a number of strategies. The first one is that nurse leaders (NLs) guide caregivers to solve health problems using emerging ideas and knowledge from the latest research studies. Secondly, best practices and clinical guidelines published within the past few years are introduced in the unit to meet the needs of every patient. Thirdly, family members are usually encouraged to offer their insights during care delivery. Additionally, clinicians utilize every concept gained from lifelong learning to offer superior medical support.


Personally, I believe that the use of EBP in my unit has delivered several benefits. For instance, many people have been able to receive timely and high-quality services. The approach has also increased the level of patient safety. The department has recorded reduced healthcare delivery costs within the past two years. Such a practice also explains why the disparity in patient outcomes has decreased significantly.

Sources of Information

As described earlier, the HL in my unit presents timely information from journal articles and publications to different nurse practitioners (NPs) or groups. Teams are guided to consult new books describing emerging theories in nursing practice. The latest clinical guidelines, leadership styles, and care delivery models are identified and used in the unit. Practitioners are always encouraged to engage in continuous learning, identify new concepts, and share them with their teammates. These strategies explain why high-quality services are always available to different patients.Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care Unit

Barriers and Improvements

Several barriers to the use of EBP exist in my clinical site. For example, many caregivers and nurses lack adequate knowledge regarding the utilization of this concept. Some nurses are usually unable to critique the latest studies in nursing. The unit’s inability to introduce appropriate changes is another barrier affecting different NPs. The organization also lacks appropriate incentives and resources to implement emerging medical concepts. Additionally, the unit has also failed to encourage the use of modern technologies in healthcare practice. If these obstacles are addressed, high-quality and culturally competent care will be available to the greatest number of individuals.

I believe that advanced practice nurses (APNs) can promote EBP in their respective healthcare units. They can do so by studying widely and using acquired knowledge or concepts to expand their care delivery models. They can also form multidisciplinary teams in order to improve the experiences of many patients. APNs should be encouraged to collaborate with physicians, dieticians, and psychologists in an attempt to achieve their potential. Available educational resources and health information technologies should also be utilized whenever delivering medical services.


The above discussion has revealed that EBP can improve patient outcomes and care delivery. The involvement of HLs, physicians, and APNs is something that has made it possible for my unit to meet the needs of many patients. In conclusion, every NP in the targeted organization should be guided to engage in lifelong learning and embrace the use of modern health informatics. Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care Unit


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