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Ethnicity Problem in the USA Essay

Ethnicity Problem in the USA Essay

The problem of race has been one of the most debatable questions throughout the entire US history. American society has made a long way to achieving tolerance in the question of race and becoming colorblind. In the meantime, the problems of racial rights and social prejudice are still acute. The relevant phenomenon might be connected with the fact that the race issue has strong political implications – whereas the Americans might be utterly colorblind, their politicians may find it beneficial to pursue another ideology.Ethnicity Problem in the USA Essay

It is essential to admit that the idea of the superiority of the white race was established a long time ago by the American founding fathers when the Constitution, defined Africans as property. Therefore, it became evident, that the question of racism is not only about ethics and morality but about power and authority as well. At that point, politicians promoted actively the ideas of racial inequality that were accepted by the society for granted.

As soon as the policy of the white race dominance became unpopular and began causing excessive difficulties, politicians changed their strategy and imposed a colorblind ideology. Thus, Reagan’s main appeal was to support the creation of a colorblind society and advance the principles of equality and fairness. The new ideology shift was willingly accepted, and all the mass media sources would publish numerous articles devoted to the race issue. The key point resides in the fact that there no document or evidence justifying the dominance of one race over another would ever exist. Thus, the extent of colorblindness in the society would always be determined by the governmental policy.Ethnicity Problem in the USA Essay


In the meantime, certain social groups can show strong resistance to the ideology imposed from above. One of the most vivid examples supporting this idea is the critical ideological discrepancy that occurred in Los Angeles in 1940s. The spread of the so-called “black” popular music and dance performances caused made the white the law enforcement authorities implement a reactionary regulation. In order to protect white art and its values, local politicians founded a Bureau of Music that was aimed at encouraging patriotic Arts (Macias 699). In fact, the Bureau’s activity had the strongest racial connotations. However, Los-Angeles residents, despite all the personal prejudice they might have had refused to put up with the violation the civil liberties of their neighboring communities. As a result, American musical and art culture enriched significantly due to the contribution of the Afro-American and Mexican artists. The case was the illustration of the democracy’s victory over political interests and historic prejudices. Unfortunately, such examples are rather exceptions than a rule.

In conclusion, it is necessary to note that the colorblindness of the society is largely determined by the national politics. Today, American people are highly tolerant and respectful towards the racial differences. They do not have any personal interests to promote the ideas of racial dominance. In the meantime, the government that often fails to assure an adequate standard of living for the racial minorities, whether it is willingly or not, emphasizes the difference between races. It might be hard to remain colorblind when notices implications for the unequal rights and facilities in the spheres of education, job, medicine and social guarantees. The American nation has already made a long way to overcome this problem, yet much has to be done to eliminate it completely.

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