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Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help. You will need to have access to the following information for completing the report:
(1) Floor Plan of your house or apartment showing room layout (can be hand-drawn) with rough dimensions (e.g., 2100 sq.ft./floor)
(2) Type of heating (oil, gas, wood, electric, etc.)
(3) Type of cooking fuel (oil, gas, electric stove)
(4) Type of water heater (gas/electric)
(5) Type of clothes dryer (gas/electric)
(6) Type and amount of insulation.
(7) Window exposure (# of windows of what dimension – e.g., 10 windows 3ft x 5ft; 1 sliding glass door, etc.) and if you have storm windows in addition.
(8) Recent electric bill and heating fuel bill (these bills show the whole year’s usage and the rate you are paying).
Table I. Type of fuels used in the house
Natural Gas Oil Electric Wood Other
Cost per unit $ $ $ $ $
Space Heating
(a) Furnace
(b) Boiler
(c) Other
Water Heater
Clothes Dryer
Cooking Stove
Table II. Construction Details and Insulation
House Construction Choice #1 Yes/No Choice #2 Yes/No
Construction Wood Frame Masonry
Attic Lived In Unheated
Ceiling Cathedral Flat
Subfloor Slab or Crawl Space Basement
Total Floor Area
(square feet)
All Floors (include diagram of layout)
Extent of Insulation Show R-value below
Attic (batts)
Attic (loose fill)
Indicate Presence below (Yes/No)
Walls insulated
Water heater insulated
Hot water pipes insulated
Heating ducts or pipes insulated
Storm windows
Window Area Show square feet of window area below
Table III. Monthly Costs for Each Fuel Used (Use information for graphs)
Uses of Fuel Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Natural Gas
Fuel Oil
Examples of Graphs To Use As Models

Environmental science homework help


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