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Environment Issue Essay Sample

Environment Issue Essay Sample


Deforestation is a major environmental issue facing developing countries. Despite the global campaigns to stop cutting down trees without replacing them, this problem has continued to be rampant in developing countries especially South American countries. South American countries are endowed with tropical rainforest which cover most of the area. Approximately 55% of the total land size is covered by rainforest in South America (r). However, this tropical rainforest are facing the danger of extinction following increased deforestation. Environment Issue Essay Sample

Forest provides a wide range of benefits from both humans and animals. These rainforests are habitat for the wild animals especially the endangered species. (r) Depicts that majority flora and fauna rare species are located in South American rainforest. Amazon forms the main habitat for these rare plants and animals that are facing the danger of extinction. (r) Depict that over the past few year, the portions of these forests including Pantanal forest have been cleared to pave way for settlement and establishment of industries.

Population, economy and politics have contributed to increased deforestation in South American countries. Deforestation impacts negatively on the environment. Trees play a crucial role in attracting rainfall. Cutting them down alters the weather and consequently impacting on the climate. Moreover, flush floods occur due to absence of trees. Moreover, deforestation in this region has continued threatening endangered plants and animals. (u) Depicts that amazon forest is endowed with a variety of plants which are medicinal. Environment Issue Essay Sample

Continued clearing of this area will result to their extinction. The conduciveclimate in South America supports the growth of these medicinal plants and herbs which are utilised by pharmaceutical industries. In addition, the crops being cultivated after clearing of land result to soil degradation. (e) Stipulate that soya beans growth remove important nutrients in the soil making it unfriendly for growth of plants. Such crops have contributed to soil degradation in the amazon base. Soil erosion also occurs as a result of deforestation. The eroded soil covers the roads in South America especially in Argentina making them impassable. Deforestation is a serious environment issue facing South America. Therefore, this paper will analyse deforestation in South America using political- economy and population security approaches. Environment Issue Essay Sample

Political economy approach

This approach analyses the relationship between political and economic factors with the environmental issue. (e) Stipulate that human environment relations at global and local levels can be comprehended through a critical analysis of the connection between natural resource and political-economic forces. The government in every country controls natural resources found within it. Moreover, it institute policies for exploitation of such a resource. Natural resources bring economic gain to a country following trade and investment.

Economic and political forces engineer occurrence of an environmental issue in any country. These two factors have an influence both at local and national levels of shaping these environmental events. According to (r) natural resources fall under the ministry of natural resources within the government which control and oversee all resources. The developing countries control their economies using these natural resources such as gold and forest. When the demand for these natural resources increases, the government encourage exploitation resulting to degradation and environmental population.Environment Issue Essay Sample

Moreover, these government interventions result to environmental hazards which posse a great risk to wildlife and human health. Political and economic forces have contributed greatly to some of these environmental issues. (e) Adsthose countries that are economic minded hardly mind about environmental impacts. Their drive to make profit in order to sustain the economy makes the environment vulnerable to pollution. Increased globalization and industrialization have impacted negatively on the environment.Environment Issue Essay Sample

Population scarcity approach

This approach scrutinises the relation between population and the environment. The impact of population dynamics such as growth density, migration and size on the environment have been witnessed in many parts of the world. (r) Stipulate that growth of population is rapid as compared to growth in food which creates an imbalance. This results to environmental issues such as drought due to imbalanced growth rate. Changes in demographic structures results to changes in the environment.

Environmental issues such as carbon dioxide emission, land degradation and deforestation occur as a result of population changes. Human population increase exponentially as a result of unchecked fertility. This puts pressure on scarce resources leading to ecological catastrophe. According to (d) earth’s resources are inadequate to satisfy the needs of the other growing population especially in the developing countries. Land is the most affected resource of this rapid population growth. Population impact on environment is facilitated by culture and technology. Moreover, (r) argues that declining environmental resources cannot sustain the high fertility experienced in the developing countries.Environment Issue Essay Sample

Population expansion results to resource depletion and rise in poverty. There is a direct correlation between population and scarcity. Inadequate land for settlement to cater for the rising population result to conversion of natural lands to settlement schemes and arable land. This is a clear indication of population impact to the environment. (r) Depicts that developed countries are able to curtail population increase through birth control and technology unlike the developing countries. A big population in developing countries live in rural hamlets where the source of livelihood is agriculture.

The urge to increase their production scale led to conversion of natural land to arable land in order to satisfy the ever growing population. Undoubtedly, there is a complex relation between population change, scarcity and environmental degradation. The two approaches have influenced the occurrence of deforestation in South America.Environment Issue Essay Sample

Political-economic approach

Timber demand for textile industries in South America has contributed to deforestation. (R) Stipulate that establishment of pulp industries in this region have increased logging. These industries generate revenue for this countries especially Brazil. Pulp industries use trees as their raw materials. Moreover, the logs from the trees are used as electricity poles which increase their demand. These pulp and textile industries are increasing in Brazil and Argentina scaring extinction of tropical rainforest trees.

Moreover, these logs are traded to other countries in Africa and Asia which provide foreign exchange. Trees are the trade commodities for these countries since they generate foreign revenue required for the economy of these countries. (r) Stipulate that government concern is foreign revenue generation rather than extension of extortion of endangered species. In Peru, the government welcomes foreign industries dealing with textile which in turn benefit the country. (r) Stipulate that curbing deforestation will scare away foreign investors to the country.Environment Issue Essay Sample

These tropical rainforest are important resource for the countries since they generate foreign revenue.Moreover, these increased prices of petroleum fuel continue to encourage use of firewood and charcoal.The ever escalating fuel price has continued influencing deforestation. Many households within these countries cannot afford the prices of petroleum fuel. In turn they opt for charcoal and firewood. Lack of political intervention to curb the rising cost of fuel facilitates deforestation. (r)Stipulate that the government in its pursuit to create settlement for its citizens clears part of the tropical rainforest to provide settlement schemes. These government plans and policies continue to encourage deforestation.Environment Issue Essay Sample


Population- scarcity approach

Increased population growth result to scarcity of land for settlement and agriculture. Land pressure has enabled forest encroachment. The rising demand of the population such as food results to conversion of the rainforest to arable land. (r) Further details that the economic activities of the native tribes are farming. These tribes have converted forest area into farms growing soya beans. In addition, the tribes clear land to provide grazing fields for their cattle. Population pressure has led to deforestation.

In turn, the wild animals are left without a habitat or their habitat limited resulting to human and wildlife conflict. (e) Depicts that the rampant human- wildlife conflict in Guyana and Suriname is due to human encroachment. The scarcity of arable and settlement land contributes to escalated incidences of deforestation. In addition, lack of employment and job opportunities make the residents concentrate on farming and logging. (E) Depicts that lack of access to alternative jobs continue to force residents into farming and logging. This factor contributes to deforestation. Increased deforestation will eradicate the rainforest subjecting it to factors causing deforestation.Environment Issue Essay Sample

Every year, the tropical rainforest loses a portion equivalent to New Jersey due to deforestation (r). The wildlife in amazon is facing a great danger of extinction. Climate is changing considerably with time as a result of this degradation. There is a great need to address this problem facing the tropical rainforest in South America.


Despite the fact that population influences the occurrence of this environmental issues, the government plays the bigger part. Political and economic policies control the natural resources in every nation. Population dynamics can be altered and modified by the government. Inequitable land tenure causing encroachment of forest occurs to bad government policies. (r) Stipulate that the government has the reigns to curb this problem through leading by example. Industrialisation and global pursuit steer the development of this problem. Deforestation occurrence due to rise of population has been castigated by political- economic decisions. Economic decisions aimed at raising the government revenue encourage the citizens to carry out deforestation. Nevertheless, population dynamics continue to shape and influence this environmental issue. Environment Issue Essay Sample


The impacts of deforestation are devastating and detrimental. The amazon is at the verge of becoming a desert. Wild animals and plants are drawing closer to extinction. Moreover, the pharmaceutical companies will run out of raw materials. The increase in urbanisation and industrialization continue encouraging deforestation. There is a great need for the South American countries to stop deforestation. Not only will they salvage the wildlife but also climate. Deforestation is a major contributor to climatic instability. Such an issue continues to degrade the environment. Environment Issue Essay Sample


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