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Electronic Addiction Sample Essay

Electronic Addiction Sample Essay

Internet addiction is one of the greatest problems of humankind. A plethora of children and adolescents suffer from this disorder, even without apparent reasons or noticing an excess in using electronics. In many instances, multimodal treatments have been employed to treat Internet Addiction Disorder (Gregory 30). Having completed a program, especially, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), I do feel much better in taming myself. Though the effects usually vary from one person to another, I do think that these particular treatments have a significant impact on electronic use.Electronic Addiction Sample Essay If before I considered Internet as my lifestyle and inseparable part of a lifespan, now I see it no more than downtime and the tool for more crucial things, such as academic performance, sources of information, and exploration of new things that are of importance in everyday’s life. Indeed, some unfavorable consequences may ensue, which implies that sometimes I have a desire to play 24/7 or use the Internet every minute. However, various efficient techniques and strategies can help handle all these instant impulses. That is exactly why people like me have to take an effective program to reduce and eventually get rid of this obsession and addiction once and for all. Accordingly, the well-structured, professional, and thoroughly-implemented programs focusing on demolishing electronic addition can substantially boost overall well-being, tame an individual to restrict own life from Internet or gadgets, and improve the overall state.


The evidence is mounting that screen time and electronics function like hard drugs (Lindholm 2). Ruefully, every single detail is Internet-based in the state-of-the-art world: from shopping online to booking airline tickets prior to the flight. Even though a vast amount of people try to control themselves and restrict time spent on gadgets, some individuals stop noticing the red line and overstep its indicator. However, the above-mentioned programs and its impact on a human being’s life, some ways can be somewhat usefully excellent for filling the time:Electronic Addiction Sample Essay

    1.    Discover own self.Electronics do not imply solely the net use, but a great deal of information and materials focusing on boosting own skills, knowledge, and practices. Spending several hours looking for an interesting article, lesson or video, a person can broaden own visions and perceptions in the world; thus he/she can improve overall well-being and become an all-rounder.
    2.    Find new hobbies.Instead of spending a bunch of hours playing meaningless games or reading weird articles, it is of importance to find a new interest to one’s liking. It can be a cooking class, language school or choir. Simply put, the dedication to something thrilling and fantastic is bound to fill useless gaps and blossom own life.
  1.    Active lifestyle.It may seem banal but physical activities and correct nutrition are two factors for prosperity, harmony, and joy. Even though sports programs or coaching apps may be embodied into gadgets, doing physical exercises and sticking to the diet will make electronic addiction or willing to use the net away from the main priorities, i.e., a healthy way of life.
  2.    Study.Again, all the materials can be in electronics, though it does not mean it can cause the addiction. Having all the necessary information for academic success can make people love gadgets even more as they bring efficacy and easiness to access materials and various sources.Electronic Addiction Sample Essay

Admittedly, electronic addiction is still a rising issue across the globe, and many organizations and scientists try to detect the most effective methods and programs to eliminate these disorders and negative impulses aftermath. It is necessary to state that the possibility of treating addiction and finding own source of happiness after therapy is definitely on. Therefore, all people need is to do the best they can to help own selves and alter lives to the core.

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