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Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance

Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance

Instructions: Your proposal needs to discuss which webpage has been chosen and why, and how the topic is important to the study of cultural diversity.
Your proposal needs to be in correct APA format, double-spaced with a numbered Title page with a running head.
Your proposal needs to describe what you expect to find and/or what you would be interested in learning; describes how you plan to go about your research. .Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance
Your proposal needs to be well written, well organized, and free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance


Cultural diversity refers to the existence and appreciation of multiple cultures within the society. Cultural diversity in healthcare entails a realization of a healthcare professional to respect the differences in culture for the population they serve. Organizational websites nowadays appreciate diversity so as to enable better organizational success in its operation (Harvey & Allard, 2015). This project focuses on the effect of personnel diversity on the organizational performance in the Center for Disease Control. The website evidently fosters cultural diversity as it creates a diverse workplace environment where employees are respect each other on a bilateral basis regardless of the cultural differences. This proposal essay will focus on why the website is relevant in fostering cultural diversity and how the differences in cultural diversity of its employees affect the organizational performance at CDC.

Why CDC? And How

Center for Disease Control is an American federal health care agency within the Department of Health that focuses on protecting public health and safety by utilizing control and prevention of diseases, disability and injury within the country and its neighbors. The organization is relevant to this research project in that it appreciates diversity in a number of ways. First, from the website page actively highlights issues to deal with cultural competence in regards to cultural diversity. It is evident that the graphics within the website depict appreciation of different cultures. For example, on its mission to protect violence against children, the website describes a photo that includes three children from difference races within the country (CDC, 2015).Also, the website has some direct links to its departments to contents encompassed with cultural diversity such as the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity (OMHHE), Diversity and Inclusion Management (DM) (CDC, 2016).Secondly, the website is relevant to the study of cultural diversity as well as the research project topic because it is a federal organization and it accepts employees from all over the country. Furthermore, the organizational success within the CDC is fostered by its effectiveness to recognize diverse cultures. Evidently, the organization cultural diversity within the CDC has significantly impacted on its productivity, performance, innovation and creativity.Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance


Project Road Map

The research topic is relevant to the study of diversity because it entails how different parameters within an organization, involving cultural diversity, can affect the organizational performance both negative and positively. Peretz, Levi, and Fried (2015) suggest that cultural diversity within organizations has an effect on absenteeism, turnover, innovation as well as performance. Therefore, this research will entail measuring some variable that are affects   CDC’s organizational performance on the basis of cultural diversity. The variables will include gender, sex, race, geographical location, physical and mental abilities, social cohesion and cultural competencies within the organization. Consequently, the research will entail multiple interviews with at least five minority groups evaluating how they managed to get hired by the organization. Also, the study will involve a discussion with some its clients, any American regarding the impact of CDC services on their health life.


Research suggests that most cultural diversity is an essential component when it comes to interactions with large enterprises and agencies (Schneid, Isidor, Li, & Kabst, 2015). CDC as a federal agency within the country focussed on protecting one’s health need to understand the need for appreciating cultural diversity and integrating it into its operations. Also, it is imperative for organizations working in the health care sector to recognize the cultural competence and social cohesion in its work environment. Therefore, this proposal will reveal how the CDC as a federal agency is capable of appreciating cultural diversity to fostering its excellent performance as a disease prevention agency.Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance


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Effects of Personnel Diversity on Organizational Performance


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