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Education homework help

Education homework help.


For this Question, you will analyze two community college budgets(see attachments).


Using the information provided in The Attachments,  prepare a PowerPoint presentation in which you compare the distribution of funds of two community colleges today, and your 20-year prediction of funding and resource allocation given the topic presented in U3(attached below).
Include the following:

  • An examination of the trends in funding and resource allocation.
  • An evaluation of revenue streams and expenditure allocations relative to the mission.
  • An analysis of auxiliary services that support student services in the comprehensive community college.
  • Pie charts comparing the budget allocations of two community colleges as well as pie charts depicting the future budget allocations for the comprehensive community colleges.

Additional Requirements

  • Please present your findings, analysis, arguments, and conclusions in a professional-quality PowerPoint presentation of 10–15 slides.
  • Include citations on the individual slides as well as a references slide at the end of the deck.
  • Include speaker’s notes to elaborate the talking points on each slide.
  • attachment

  • attachment

  • attachment


Education homework help


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