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Dyslexia Aphasia Sample Essay

Dyslexia Aphasia Sample Essay

Developing strong learning skills in students is one of the key goals of every early education program. It is through learning that students expand their knowledge and especially in the areas of spelling and writing. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that encompasses difficulties in reading due to problems in identifying speech sounds and realizing how they relate to letters and words. Dyslexia, therefore, affects parts of the brain that process language.



           Dyslexia is caused by certain factors ranging from the family history of dyslexia to exposure to drugs such as nicotine during pregnancy. For instance, dyslexia runs in the family. Children born by parents suffering from dyslexia are likely to suffer from the condition. Specific genes have been found to affect how an individual’s brain develops and communicates (Patterson & Marcel, 1977). Therefore, if these genes affect issues related to reading and language processing, children are likely to suffer from dyslexia. Besides, dyslexia is caused by exposure to drugs such as nicotine during pregnancy. Prenatal exposure to recreational drugs affects cognitive and motor development. As a result, unborn children can suffer from distorted reading, spelling and writing skills. Dyslexia Aphasia Sample Essay

The development of automated letter-speech sound plays a substantial role in the acquisition of fluent reading skills. Therefore, failure to develop automated letter-speech sound integration leads to an impairment of reading fluency, writing and spelling skills. Besides, deficits such as a problem in phonological processing which encompasses getting to the elemental sounds of spoken language that affects both spoken and written language are experienced (Campbell, 2011). However, dyslexia does not affect an individual’s intelligence quotient. Individuals suffering from severe dyslexia can be found to be very intelligent.



           Effects of dyslexia can be hard to realize during the early stages of development and especially before children start attending schools. A child suffering from dyslexia cannot maintain equilibrium between assimilation and accommodation. As a result, such a child experiences delays in talking, learns new words slower than expected, reversing sounds I words that sound alike. Besides, children suffering from dyslexia experience problems in remembering and naming letters and colour and experience difficulties in learning nursery rhymes. Dyslexia Aphasia Sample Essay

Once children start attending school, effects of dyslexia can be felt more. Such children can read well but below the expected level of age. Besides, the students experience difficulties in processing and understanding information (Sako, 2016). As a result, such students cannot recall what was said to them in future as the information was not clearly manipulated and stored. Students suffering from dyslexia also spend an unusually long time completing tasks that involve reading and writing. They, therefore, waste a lot of time and hence lag behind in their classwork compared to other children. Teens and adults on the other hand experience problems when pronouncing words, experience difficulties while learning foreign languages and find it hard to summarize a story. When left untreated, the condition can lead to low self-esteem, aggression and anxiety. Dyslexia Aphasia Sample Essay.



           Dyslexia can be treated using particular educational approaches and techniques. Psychological testing can help the teacher develop a suitable teaching program. For instance, the teacher may adopt a technique that encompasses hearing, vision and touch in an attempt to improve reading skills (Korne, 2010). The treatment mainly aims at helping the children learn to recognize and use the smallest sounds that makeup words. Besides, it aims at comprehending what they are reading.

Parents have the obligation of reporting to the teachers what their children are ailing from. As a result, the teachers can come up with a structured, written plan that outlines the needs of the children and the role that the school will play in improving the conditions of the children.


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Dyslexia Aphasia Sample Essay


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