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Distribution of Resources in Society Essay

Distribution of Resources in Society Essay

In every society, resources are scarce; there are people who own more than others do. However, a society that is socially just considers the distribution of resources among its members to ensure there are equity, equality, and well distribution of available resources. This paper evaluates the proposition that society has an obligation to redistributes its wealth periodically in order to alleviate the conditions of the poor.Distribution of Resources in Society Essay

Socialists are of the opinion that resources should be used for the common good of the society; they follow norm theory perception, which means conducting distributing resources in a way that the greatest majority would accept, benefit and find normal. They believe that resources are scarce though enough.

Capitalists on the other hand are of the view that markets forces should determine allocation of resources. Societies are the owners of resources, they develop the resources then periodically the government comes up with measures aimed at redistributing such resources to the larger society. Some community-based organisations undertake the role of distributing resources.Distribution of Resources in Society Essay

When considering a re-distribution using a distributive Justice, more so in modern capitalist economy, it can only be done at the expense of one group. The group that suffers is the one that had accumulated resources or the one that handmade better use of the available resources. The beneficiaries of a distributive Justice system are the misfortunate in the society and the needy (Donaldson $ Werhane, 2008).

To adopt a distributive Justice system, the government considers utilitarian standards like standard of living, wealth disparity among others; those areas that are regarded as lagging behind are focused. The major concerns that communities have is whether when focus has been shifted to the poor, what will happen to those areas that were developing and probably have higher potential than areas of focus.


From an economic point of view, it seems, as one group, the haves, will have to be pended for development as focus moves to the poor. This approach will then move like a cycle. From a social perspective, distributive justice system creates a need in a particular group and enforces disparity and class differences. A certain form of competition is created in the society.

With inequality in resource distribution, a society is generally divided among the haves and have not’s. Nature has the resources and the role of resources management is placed on the society in general. Interpolating the perceived need of the society to have resources distributed periodically to the poor will mean that the world is likely to go back to days of communism and socialism. Shortcomings of such systems are likely to affect society’s social economic welfare negatively.Distribution of Resources in Society Essay

The most viable method of accommodating the poor in the race of scarce resources is empowering them to compete in the race. They should not be given the resources but should be shown the means. Competitiveness created by capitalist economy is working for the good of the world; resources are utilized better, though some people seem to benefit more.

Societies should offer a chance to the poor to be in race for available resources at an equal platform. Such policies include having adequate social facilities like education system that may be pathway to resources and then making them affordable for the poor. The route is more likely to alleviate poverty among societal members (Donaldson $ Werhane, 2008).


Donaldson, T., & Werhane, H. (2008). Ethical issues in business: a philosophical approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.Distribution of Resources in Society Essay


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