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Discuss Addressing Aggression in Children

Discuss Addressing Aggression in Children

The reasons for Carla’s aggression towards her peers and a fast and efficient strategy developed to address Carla’s issues were learned quickly. This can be considered the greatest and the most important achievements of the therapy. The use of the MOAS was clearly crucial to the research results. The test allowed for assessing the scale of the problem that the healthcare specialist had to deal with. In addition, it also provided the measurement of Carla’s progress and the efficiency of the intervention.

The study has proven the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The therapy is crucial for dealing with the issues that have been triggered by early childhood memories. Carla had very painful memories about her father’s death. As a result, she was unable to build relationships with her peers. Thus, Carla had to recognize the possibilities of communicating with people. In addition, she had to learn that social interactions were not going to hurt her. Therefore, the intervention was designed to help the patient learn to socialize.Discuss Addressing Aggression in Children

The fact that the patient underwent the therapy sessions together with the family is clearly a major positive aspect of the suggested treatment. According to the facts listed in the patient’s medical record, Carla was initially isolated from the rest of the people surrounding her, mostly from children.


As the research has shown, the restriction in the number of social contacts was obviously a mistake. Indeed, the instances of aggression only multiplied and became more intense after the aunt of the patient isolated the girl from her friends. Carla clearly needed communication with her friends.

It should be noted, though, that the progress made by Carla is rather uncertain. Therefore, an instance of recidivism may occur. Thus, Carla should be under her teacher’s and nursing specialist’s observation for a couple of weeks more. After she is supervised, one can make sure that she has completed her therapy sessions successfully.

Thus, such activities as creative writing, drawing, linking objects, and other tasks included into creative counseling sessions allowed Carla to express her deepest fears. Still, a sudden shock may reverse the progress, and, therefore, the need for Carla to undergo an intervention will rise again.

Speaking about the external validity of the given research, the provided scenario has a number of elements that make it unique. For example, the patient was under the influence of such factors as the overprotection of her aunt. As a result, the patient was nearly isolated from her social contacts. The given fact alone is enough to single Carla’s case out. In addition, the article mentions the childhood trauma that Carla acquired, thus, making her case even more specific.Discuss Addressing Aggression in Children

That being said, the problem of aggression among children who have suffered parent’ death, abuse or other traumatizing experiences is still a major issue in the modern society. The case of Carla’s problem, in its turn, can be used as a means to understand the mechanics of aggression that such children develop towards the rest of the world.

Hence, this study can be used in order to help these children. The internal validity of the research in question is also quite high, since it helps analyze the relationship between MOAS and the reduction of aggression in children. Again, seeing how the case is quite specific, it would be wrong to claim that it offers universal results. Nevertheless, the links between the interventions the improvement of Carla’s communication skills is evident.Discuss Addressing Aggression in Children



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