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Different Types Of Diabetes Research

Different Types Of Diabetes Research

Did know you 5% of people get type 1 Diabetes. Im researching Diabetes because i have Diabetes. I’ve had Diabete for 5 year now. I what to help find a cure because i know how bad Diabete can be.You can not catch type 1 Diabetes and you can’t get type 1 Diabetes by eating too much food that is type 2 Diabetes but that is hard to get.

They have no cure for type 1 Diabetes today they do a lot research to try cure it .But the only you can do with type 1 Diabetes is take care of it.In American Diabetes rose 33% between 1990 and 1998. Diabetes is a disease that the cell attack the pancreas .Type one Diabetes is also called juvenile diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus.

The difference between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes. Type  2 Diabetes you can get from eating to much but that not all. Eating bad is what people think of type 2 but not exercise and being overweight. Type 1 is like I said you can’t get it by eating bad or not exercising or being overweight.Different Types Of Diabetes Research


Their is many waze ot take care of Diabetes one is by insulin shots .Insulin shots some time look pens it is a small needle that does not hurt but same time it does. The other way is called a pump a pump is a machine that gave you insulin. Their are all kind of pump some can check your blood sugar that can help save you time but they cost a lot of money but you can get  it used .

You have to check your blood sugar to see how much insulin you need.  What you need is a meter the. Meter show you a number that how much sugar in your blood .The first meter was made in 1971 the inventor was Anton Hubert. Be for meter doctor had to see if your pee had sugar in it.

How did Diabetes get its name . Well diabete is a shorter name for it full name is Diabetes Mellitus .Diabetes is a Greek word that means pass through.Mellitus is a Latin word that means sweet or honeyed.This name was gaven because you can find the sugar in you pee.

My plan is to help is tell people about diabetes to help kid understand  what type one diabetes is . So when kids meet someone with diabete they understand .What i think is going to make someone day .Becuase I know that would make mine.Diabetes can damage your nerves, eves ,kidneys,heart and limbs.When you don’t take care of your diabetes you can lost circulation to you leg and feet.When you don’t take care of your diabetes you can lost your eye site but that take time.When you don’t take care of your diabetes you can lost your kidneys,When you don’t take care of your diabetes you can lost your heart that can kill you.Different Types Of Diabetes Research

The symptoms of diabetes are thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue and blurred vision. You get thirsty because the sugar build up in your blood .And that why you urination.You get your vision blurred being if you don’t take care of your diabetes you lost your site .Well when you don’t know you have it your not taking care of it.

Back in the day it was hard to go to school with diabetes.So most kid did not go to school.But with today technology it is easy to go to school with diabete. I’ve been doing it for 5 years now . And some time it has been hard but you get thorth it. And some kid can be mean about it but it will be fine it is not your falt that you type 1 diabetes.Ketoacidosis occurs when you do not take of your diabetes. This can kill you the second name is DKA . Ketoacidosis is when the cells are unable to get sugar they need.Then you body start breaking down the body fat because your body has no energy to break down.I got Ketoacidosis last year My blood sugar is supposed to be 120 and it was 1,140 that is a highest blood sugar.

The difference between your blood sugar being high and  low. Is when your blood  sugar is high you can get sick.And you have to see if you have ketones .Having A low blood sugar you can get dizzy and bad eye sites . It is different for erveything one.Different Types Of Diabetes Research


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