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Demonstrative Communication Principles Essay

Demonstrative Communication Principles Essay

Communication is an inevitable part of human life. People share information which helps them live and develop. Demonstrative communication is an inseparable part of communication and it, by all means, plays an important role in people’s life. It can enhance effectiveness of communication. On the contrary, it can also destroy any communication and make it ineffective. Notably, people resort to demonstrative communication without noticing it. However, understanding major principles of demonstrative communication will help avoid any misunderstanding and help achieve effective communication only.

First, it is necessary to understand what demonstrative communication is. Demonstrative communication is non-verbal and unwritten communication which includes facial expression, voice tone, gestures, posture and even hairstyle and clothes. Notably, demonstrative communication cannot be as objective and comprehensive as verbal or written communication. However, it enhances the latter types of communications and enriches them, so-to-speak. Thus, demonstrative communication can make communication effective or ineffective.Demonstrative Communication Principles Essay


For instance, if the candidate is inappropriately dressed at a job interview, it can make the communication ineffective as the demonstrative communication has been inappropriate. In this case, the demonstrative communication was negative for the sender as he failed to create the necessary image to achieve the major goal of the communication (i.e. to get the job). Another example of ineffective demonstrative communication can involve voice tone. An employee can speak with a client (or even hisher colleagues) using quite unfriendly tone. The client (or colleague) can be upset or annoyed or he/she can think the employee is impolite or even rude, even though the employee has not used any rude words and was polite (verbally). Of course, the communication will be ineffective in this case. It is necessary to note that this case is an illustration of negative demonstrative communication for both, sender and receiver. In the first place, the client (or a colleague) may become annoyed and even forget about the goals of the communication or can become reluctant to communicate. Of course, this will lead to a wasted time and bad mood. Therefore, it will be negative for the receiver. At the same time, it will be negative for the sender too, as the employee will fail to properly respond to the message provided. This situation can also result in problems for the employee (fines, or even discharge). Obviously, the communication is negative for the sender as well.

Nevertheless, demonstrative communication can also be favorable and result in effective communication. For example, in the majority of cases facial expressions are universal, i.e. they are read in the same way by people of many cultural backgrounds (though, there are quite many exceptions). For instance, when meeting, people often smile to reveal their positive attitude. This sign (a smile) means that people are friendly and are ready for effective communication. This facial expression can lead to effective communication as people will be ready to share information, to listen and to respond. This type of demonstrative communication will be, definitely, positive for the sender, who will be able to communicate his/her idea.Demonstrative Communication Principles Essay

It is possible to consider one more example of effective demonstrative communication. Effective listening can be regarded one of these examples. For instance, nodding and bending shows the listener’s interest. Admittedly, people appreciate when they are attentively listened to. These types of demonstrative communication will be positive for the receiver as the sender is likely to listen to his/her messages attentively as well.

Notably, listening and responding are also a part of demonstrative communication. As has been mentioned above, bending and nodding are quite universal signs of attention, which favorably affect communication. However, there are other types of demonstrative communication in terms of listening and responding. Of course, eye contact is a very important sign. If a person is looking at somebody else, it is evident that he/she is not interested in the speaker and the subject of their talk. Yawning and gazing at the speaker are also signs of ineffective communication. Admittedly, this type of demonstrative communication leads to the end of communication.Demonstrative Communication Principles Essay

As for demonstrative communication which leads to effective communication, it is possible to single out the following. As has been mentioned above, nodding and bending lead to effective communication. Such types of response as smiling, laugh, frowning, etc. are also effective when used properly. It is important to use corresponding facial expression as inappropriate facial expressions can offend the speaker and lead to the end of communication.

In conclusion, it is necessary to note that demonstrative communication is a very important part of human communication. It enriches verbal communication and makes it more comprehensive and multilayered. Facial expressions, posture, voice tone, person’s style are some of the most important signs to take into account while communication. Admittedly, to become a successful communicator, one needs to know a lot about demonstrative communication. It is also important to be aware of the various cultural peculiarities of different people as different cultural groups interpret signs differently, which can lead to misunderstanding. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that learning in this field is endless as more and more signs which should be interpreted properly appear.Demonstrative Communication Principles Essay


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