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Define Addiction and also define dependency (cite sources of definition)

Addiction Paper Write a 4-5 page paper (typed, double spaced) explaining alcohol/drug addiction or dependency. Use this rubric and make sure to include certain required information. Use at least 4 credible sources of information and include this in the APA Style bibliography.

Define Addiction/Dependency         Define Addiction and also define dependency (cite sources of definition)   Explain the differences between use, abuse and addiction/dependence  3 points     6 points
Signs and Symptoms of Addiction Describe the physical and psychological features of addiction/dependency. What specific characteristics are factors of addiction/dependency? 8 points
Theory or Theories Describe the Disease Model of addiction and at least 2 other theories that underlie dependency 9 points
Resources/Bibliography Properly cite at least 4 credible sources of information. 4 points  


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