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Culture and Social Contact Assignment

Culture and Social Contact Assignment

Question 1

In many tour host nations the citizens of the host nation or tourists destinations normally experience a culture shock.  The tourists normally have manners contrary to the hosts’ manners that greatly influence the attitudes of the hosts towards their own culture. Some host may perceive the tourist way of life a best and thus disregard their own values. This is most common where the some members of the host destination develop a positive attitude towards the tourists. This way the hosts will interact directly with the tourists and also have direct communication. Such association may further influence the perceptions the hosts have towards their own values, traditions and religion. As a result the values of the hosts will be eroded as they adopt an incorporate new value systems into their own.  This certainly can be taken lightly by the conservatives within the host society thus encouraging conflicts and hampering the interaction of the hosts with one another. Culture and Social Contact Assignment


Question 2

The four cultural differences that may have lead to Trojan rejection of the tourist community in the manner that they did include time and space; fate and personal responsibility, face and face-saving; and non-verbal communication. Time is one of the most critical differences that stand between cultures dictating the cultural way of conducting things. The Toraja way of doing things I definitely different from the way the tourist form the west conduct their activities. Fate and personal responsibility on the other hand can be associated with the extent to which individuals perceive themselves and their own masters against the extent to people se themselves as subjects to thing that are out of their control. Face and face-saving relates to pride and respect, it comprises of courtesy, power, status and the outsider and insider interactions. Respect an honor also counts.  Maintaining the face is very important in many cultures and the Toraja must have felt that their face was at risk thus prompting their relationship. Last, nonverbal communication is very significant in communication. In many cultures people tend to look at non verbal cues when the verbal commutation is unclear. Unfortunately these involve numerous gestures, behavior, posture, silence, touch and other which also vary from one community to another. Culture and Social Contact Assignment



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