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Communication in Society Problem Solution

Communication in Society Problem Solution

Communication is a very critical aspect in any human society. Effective communication ensures that individuals can pass their message to the intended audience. Communication can take different strategies. Communication can be done between junior employees or employees and managers (Reece, 2004).Communication in Society Problem Solution

Therefore, it can be noted that communication occurs on either horizontal or vertical axis. This paper outlines how an individual can present his or her ideas and plans to his or her manager in an effective manner.

When one has an idea or plan that is good that should be presented to the manager, it should be done in the most appropriate manner. Although one can be tempted to rush into the manager’s office to deliver the message, it is usually best to take time and plan how to present the message.Communication in Society Problem Solution

Notably, when the message is presented in a thoughtful and intelligent manner, there is a high likelihood that the manager will listen to the message and grant a positive response (Reece, Brandt & Howie, 2010).

There is no sure way of communication that can guarantee a positive response from the manager. Nonetheless, there are some strategies that can be employed to boost the chances of the manager responding in a positive manner.

One should gather the necessary information that will be used in supporting the idea. In this case, one should find the statistics that indicate that his or her idea is the best. For instance, if the idea is about the exploration of a new market segment, one should look or information indicating the potential of that segment.

One should write the idea down on paper after gathering the data. At times, the idea can seem to be good in the head, but when the idea is written on paper, it does not look good. While writing the idea down, one should expand on the idea (Reece, 2004).

One should also present the idea in the practical terms indicating its importance. It is also important to ensure that the manager envisions the positives that can be reaped from the implementation of the idea. It is also important for one to create an outline.

This is critical during the presentation of the idea (Reece, Brandt & Howie, 2010). In case the manager has not requested for the outline, one should make it very short. This will ensure that the manager does not spend a lot of time reading through the outline.


The use of graphics and charts is encouraged. These are some of the aspects that can be used to present the idea in an efficient way.

Timing is very critical during the presentation of the idea. One should approach the manager at the suitable time. It is advisable not to approach the manager when he is holding a series of meetings.

In addition, one should avoid going to the manager at a time when he is about to leave office. In case one cannot find the best time to approach the manager, it is necessary to schedule a meeting with him or her.Communication in Society Problem Solution

Lastly, it is important for one to be respectful while talking about the idea. If the manager has no interest in the idea, one should be ready to accept this. This should be regarded as personal.

However, if the manager does not like the idea, one can introduce it in a slightly different way at some other time. Whatever the response from the manager, one should thank him or her for the time he or she took to listen.


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