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Clinical issues in organization during practicum

Clinical issues in organization during practicum

The clinical issue that the organization is facing involves management of the high cases of chronic diseases among the patients, especially the elderly.   The increasing prevalence in chronic illnesses is attributed to various factors, which includes improved medical care, which has resulted to increased life expectancy (Hutt, Rosen & McCauley, 2004). This has resulted to an increasing number of elderly population, which has high risk of developing chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart diseases and asthma among others. The major issue is this regard involves management and provision of care among these chronically ill patients in various care setting, especially at home, nursing home and as the patients transition various care settings.Clinical issues in organization during practicum


This issue has several implications for the nursing practice. The first implication involves the need for applying information technology such as telehealth in order to facilitate care delivery to the patients as they go through various care settings.  Transition Care Model is one of the most appropriate approaches of providing healthcare services to patients with chronic illnesses. This approach is designed to ensure continuation of care as the patient leaves hospital for home (Hutt, Rosen & McCauley, 2004). Application of telehealth is crucial especially to the elderly persons with chronic illnesses because it promotes coordination and seamless transition of care, which enhances proper management and treatment of emerging health complications of the chronically ill patient.Clinical issues in organization during practicum

The second implication to this issue involves the need for nurses to take more leading role in coordinating care among the various healthcare professionals involved in taking care of the chronically ill patients in diverse settings.  Transition care model for the elderly with chronic illnesses is a multidisciplinary undertaking that involves nurses, medical specialists in various fields, nutritionists and social workers among others (Meleis, 2010).  Nurses as the primary care providers in the organization should take a central and leading role in coordinating other specialists involved in providing care to the chronically ill patients, as they transition in different settings.


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