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Child Abuse Problem Essay

Child Abuse Problem Essay

Child abuse is one of the most pressing problems of the society. The absence of clear definitions and exhaustive information concerning the scope of the problem raises obstacles for its solution.Child Abuse Problem Essay

The study of the problem of child abuse has begun in the 60s with focusing attention to children problems. It should be mentioned that even in the XIX century child abuse has been an object of societal concern.

At the same time, most people are convinced that child abuse in a family is an unusual occurrence, which is typical for a small subset of population. The prevailing opinion is that child abuse is caused by definite psychological disorder. The denial of this problem is very harmful for its further solution.Child Abuse Problem Essay

Through the experience of working with such children, it has been found that many of them live in extreme conditions and they are indisposed to discuss their problems. In such a case the early recognition of child abuse is of great importance.

In addressing child abuse in community, it is necessary to look at underlying issues (Crosson-Tower, 2008). A child who suffers from violence should be identified as quickly as possible. There are several peculiarities in behavior, which are inherent for those children.

They refuse to attend school trying to conceal the fact that they are abused at home. Sometimes they may be too aggressive or vice versa excessively passive.

They try with all the possible ways to draw somebodys attention. Sometimes an example of parents causes violence in these children towards animals or peers. Many of these children are fully engaged in public activity in order to be present at home as rare as possible.

One of the possible ways of this problem solution may be the activity of case workers or community integrated workers. Nurses and other health providers who work with families can identify the problem from gathering momentum, and to assist parents with necessary psychological help (Humphreys & Campbell, 2011).Child Abuse Problem Essay

Social work with families in any case means interference into its life and it is very important not to exacerbate an existing problem. The social work in preventing child abuse should be based on several principles. The priority of childrens right and interests should be given careful attention.


At the same time, it is necessary to respect parents right to personal privacy and to take into consideration their individual peculiarities.

The cases of child abuse are frequent in problem families with parents who have mental disabilities or drink problem. A case worker should realize the fact that such parents demand special approach (Luker & McHugh, 2012).Child Abuse Problem Essay

All parents have a right to give their own point of view. Moreover, in case of their inability to guarantee an appropriate child care they may count on the government support. It is of crucial importance to gain confidence with problem families and to involve them with government treatment programs (Nicolas, 2012).

The parents should perceive a case worker not as an authorized invigilator of their family, but as a friend who is ready to lend assistance. Howe states that the absence of trust between case worker and parents can cause additional stress and emotional distance (2010).

The atmosphere of trust implies a confidentiality compliance. At the same time, this question is a disputable issue. If there exists the faintest risk of child abuse, a case worker must inform the necessary authorities in order to get a child away from the abuse. (Currie, 2013).

It is possible to conclude that a neglect of the parental duty and the violence towards children is one of the most important social problems. However, we are apt to think that in spite of this problem complexity the activity of case workers is of great importance for this problem solution.
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