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Business in IT

Content of the Business plan

A powerful executive summary is the most important part of the business plan. Positioned at the front of the document, it is the first part to be read. Many lenders and investors will make judgment about your business based on this section of the plan alone.

Summary should cover the following;
Problem/ market opportunity
Solution to the problem/concept
Benefits to end customer

Include >USP
Include> Your intellectual Property
Include> Key management skills and experiences/ your team

1.1 key to Success

1.2 Investment Requirement

The Investment Opportunity

Current Valuation
Risk factors
Exit strategy
Business Concept
The part of the plan set out the concept and the vision for business and the visibility of the business proposition.

When did you start or intend to start , trading?
What progress have you made so far?
If a new concept what is the history behind the idea? If you have purchased the business, who owned it originally and what did they acieve with it?
Who owns the company? If mor than one person, what is the owernership sturucture?
What is the legal establishment, corporation,partnership, sole propritorship

Strategic objectives

Whatis your vision for future?
What are the risk factors? Why might your company not succeed?
Page three products and or services

business plan in it

Describe the products and services you are offering
What price will you change?
What makes your product/ services different?
What benefits does your products service offer?
Why will customer buy it?
How you plan to develop your produts or services?
Include images if available
3.1 Intellectual property
Details of any IP
Page four
Market and Competitiion
This should define target market , the company`s position in it and outline who the competitiors will be

What size is the market?
Do ou have any research you can use to substantiate your target market attractive ness, such as its development and key current issue/ trends?
Your target market?
Who is the ideal customers?
How do you know these customers will be interested your products or services?
Market Reasearch
What market research have you carried out?
Do ou have any statics or published reports to back up your research
Primary resarch / Secondary research

Who are your competitors?
How do they work and what share of market do they hold?
What our competitiors advatages and disadvantages compare to your own?
How do you differentiate your self from your competitors? What is your Uniwue selling point?
Do you aniticipate changes in the market and how do you expect your business and your competitiors to reat o them?

Describe any compattive analysis have you carried out.
5 Sales and market strategy

5.1 postitioneing- How do you plan to position your produts or services in the market place?
5.2 Pricing Policy
What is your pricing policy? How much will you charge for differentiate customer segments, quantities?

5.3 Promotion
How will you promote yoru product or service to attract the right new cuctomers?

How will you do our selling? Do you have a sales plan?

Press coverage
How will you reach your customers? What channels will you use? Which partners will be needed in your distribution channels?

Have you formulated plansfor advertising your products Whwere with what budget?

6 Team
This sections coevers the company@s credientials and those of the people it plans to recruit. You need to include the company@s management structure and they key skill of bioth the management and your staff. The strength of this team can e decisive factor in the business`s ultimate success and their ability to secure external funding.
The management Team
Who are the management team, their role and thow they fit into the organization? You wil need include paragraph on each indiviaual outlining their back ground relevant experience and qualifications and provide existing cv and our appendices

Identify the strengh in your team
What is your plan to deal with any obvious weakness?
How much time nad money will each person contribute to the business?
What salaries and benefits do you plan to draw?

Personell plan
Give details of your workforce in terms of total number and by department
Spell out what your plan to od internally and if yo plan to out ource any work.

Out line any recuitment or taining plans include time scale and costs.

Key parnerships
Any advisors or partnerships you might have
7 operations

this should cover your premises, production facilities, your management information systems and information and communications technology provision
The business plan alos needs to outline the caompny`s oerational capabilites and any planned improvements

What are your long- ter commitment to your proporty/ locaions?
What are the advantage and disadvantages of your current locations?
What is the capacity compared to existing and dorcasted demand? Will you need to scale up and is so when and how?
What IT will you need
Do ou have estable procedures for stock control , managent accounts and quality control , where applicable?
Can you cope with any proposed expansion?

The company will neeed to provide set of finacial projections that ranslate what they have siad about their busienss into numbers. The finacls should cover revenue streams, slaes forcasts, operational overheads, proft and loss and cahs flow statements.


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