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Budget Implementation Research Paper

Budget Implementation Research Paper

I completely agree that responsibility is very important in the budget-making process. The approved budget should, therefore, be fully effected for the greater good of the people. Besides, it should rationally replicate the will of the people and the agreements that were made between actors with diverse objectives. I also concur that successful public budgeting should be well-planned, elastic, genuine and well informed.Budget Implementation Research Paper

I also concur with the fact that actions of the administration are greatly influenced by interest groups. Such groups are among the participants in an administration’s planning and rule advancement. Prosperous and influential interest groups hire solid lobbyists and public sector advisers to inspire the budgeting making process and body for their gains (Rubin, 2000). Besides, different arms of the government struggle for control of the budget-making process for personal and political benefits.


           Supplemental appropriation comprises laws that permit additional funds for prevailing accountabilities or new suggestions during the year. Supplemental appropriations are made to cover emergencies such as floods, hurricanes or other events deemed too argent to be postponed. The federal government for example delay spending money set aside for specific projects (Oyakojo, 2015). In the case of calamities, that cash is therefore used to remedy the situation.  However, I also concur with the fact that there exists a substantial number of budgeting challenges. For instance, static budgets produce high-level financial targets and constraints. In case of an occurrence in material deviations in the year, they can paralyze a country or an organization that does not have an efficient process for these changes and adjusting the budget accordingly. To resolve this however, both the state and federal governments update their budgets frequently to reflect their economic organization.Budget Implementation Research Paper


Oyakojo, M. (2015). The Political Dynamics Behind Government Budgeting Process. American Society for Public Administration, 1-25.

Rubin, P. I. (2000). The Politics of Public Budgeting : Getting and Spending,Borrowing and Balancing. New York: Chatham House Publishing., 1-75.Budget Implementation Research Paper


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