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‘Baby its Cold Outside’ media Criticism Essay

‘Baby its Cold Outside’ media Criticism Essay

Today, media criticism is undeveloped mainly because the mainstream media do not allow open virtual discussions of the topic. Various aspects can be viewed in a vacuum without considering their cultural representations. ‘Baby its cold outside’ is a song that has been praised and criticized equally. Media criticisms of this song equate to collective remembrance of the never were prompted by generic prompts and stylistic conventions that have nothing to do with the cultural history surrounding the era in which the song was released.‘Baby its Cold Outside’ media Criticism Essay

Humans cannot view and listen to the song without considering its historical context or the composer. Critiques of the song ‘Baby its cold outside’ assert that it was controversial from the beginning. It represents a crucial historical dating context. The 1940s were not characterized by sexual chastity. Instead, the critics argue that the Second World War was a wave of sexual activity and consent for women was not considered essential. In its cultural context, the song is regarded as a blatant contempt of equality and integrity of women. However, the supporters of the song argue that the classic is a historic Christmas song.  Initially, Frank Loesser wrote the song to be performing it at Christmas parties with his wife. Supporters of the song believe that the classic is a historical monument that should be kept alive.


I do not consider anything too toxic to consume. As humans, we can consume popular culture without asserting that times were better in the past. In contemporary times, classics are mostly made as they encapsulate history instead of transcending it. This song might ‘pass’ despite its lyrics being wrong and bad, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement. People are highly passionate about holiday music as listeners rely on Christmas music to reminisce about the old days. ‘Baby its Cold Outside’ media Criticism Essay


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