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ACCT 411 Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting – Research Report

Write a research report on the recent ethical violations of a publicly traded company. 

You have two options for this Report.

A. You can apply an ethical evaluation of the situation. For this, include in your Report a brief history of the company and what led up to the ethical dilemma, the stakeholders impacted by the violation, the financial impact of the violation and what action could be taken to prevent a repeat of the ethical violation. Also, include legal and/or accounting irregularities which occurred. And finally, the lessons learned as a result of the dilemma.

B. You can apply the ethical decision-making model to the ethical dilemma you identify.This means you should:

1. Frame the ethical issue2. Gather all the facts3. Identify the stakeholders and obligations4. Identify the relevant accounting ethics standards involved in the situation5. Identify the operational issues6. Identify the accounting and auditing issues7. List all the possible alternatives that you can or cannot do8. Compare and weigh the alternatives9. Decide on a course of action; and Reflect on your decision.

Assignment Specifications:

Create a 4 – 7, single-spaced deliverable (double space between paragraphs). Use headings based on content and goals for your Report. APA format is required for both in text citations and a works cited list. The title page, executive summary and the works cited page, as well as ‘copy and paste’ material, do not count for the page count.


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