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  1. Find five reputable sources with information about watersheds, watershed health, and watersheds in Virginia, USA for example Watwersheds Bull Run,Virginia and Potomac Maryland, and Chesapeake Bay, Virginia
  2. Cite the reference using APA formatting style.
  3. Identify the main topic of each article
  4. List at least three relevant facts from each one.

Example BELOW

Chesapeake Bay Program (ND).  Learn the Issues:  Nutrients.  https:// topic:  Excess nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay  


  • Nutrients are crucial for plant and animal survival but too much can be harmful to fish, shellfish, and other aquatic life
  • “During decomposition, [algal blooms resulting from excess nutrients] create low-oxygen “dead zones” that rob the water of oxygen and suffocate marine life.”
  • Nitrogen and phosphorous are the nutrients of most concern
  • Excess nutrients enter the bay in many ways, including
    • discharge from wastewater treatment plants
    • runoff from the land from fertilizer, septic systems, and manure
    • air pollution from gas-powered machines (including vehicles and tools) and industries
  • There are many things that can be done to lower the amount of nutrient pollution going into the bay, such as:
    • reducing the amount of fertilizer used on lawns
    • installing structures to capture and absorb rainfall
    • replacing asphalt and concrete with a porous material
    • avoiding the use of gas-powered vehicles and machines


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