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The poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” while short and simplistic, tells a story of a wheelbarrow and how it greatly helps with American agriculture. In the text the author, Williams writes ” so much depends”. He writes this in reference to the wheelbarrow and the importance of the wheelbarrow itself. Throughout this short poem the author sets a scene of a farm by using imagery. This can be seen in the text when Williams writes, ” glazed with the rain water beside the white chickens”. From this line it can be inferred that this wheelbarrow is at a farm and it is almost as if it is resting after a long days work. Going back to the opening line of the poem, “so much depends” in other words this wheelbarrow picks up the slack and does the dirty work that couldn’t be done without it. So much depends on this wheelbarrow because it does so much and it deserves the appreciation and acknowledgement. This is not clearly represented in the poem at first. In fact at first the poem just seems like a pretty picture being described in plain detail. It is once you piece together all of the separate phrases that you can begin to understand the message that Williams is trying to get across to the reader. This message happens to be that everyday objects are taken for granted even though they do most of the work. These objects need praise, especially a red wheelbarrow that puts in a lot of hours at the farm.

Follow-up responses should do more that state “I agree” or “I disagree.” Extend on or critique the analysis of your classmates.

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