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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic all to be tall. According to the report findings it is hard to believe that a person can sacrifice such a fortune to experience the severe pain that is associated with the lengthening exercise of legs only to gain an additional three inches to his height. The author’s claim is hard to believe and this is one of the major weaknesses of his article. Under normal circumstances, people seek medication when they have different healthcare problems. It may not be feasible for a healthy person to fork out such large sums of money to undergo a surgery that is meant to lengthen his height as this may turn out to be a nightmare if there are some complications experienced when the surgery has been performed.

This study stresses that one of the major strengths of the article is that it captures the widely held perception by many people that tall men in particular are more attractive than short ones especially to women. The author uses superlative words to describe tall men in the article. For instance, Kita quotes the survey by Henry Biller which shows that tall men are “more mature, uninhibited, positive, mature, confident, masculine, secure, dominant, optimistic and outgoing.” The author also supports this claim by highlighting that the majority of women in Hollywood films admire tall men. In different societies, tall men are regarded as role models and they are also portrayed as the epitome of success. Outgoing people also believe that tall men are charming and many beautiful ladies enjoy the company of these people.


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