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In no.s 1 – 6, use a blank sheet of paper to complete each problem where allanswers must be reduced / simplified using positive exponents if applicable andwork must be shown while written neatly to receive full credit, where the pointsawarded for each problem can be found next to it. Also make sure your name ison the first sheet along with the problem number on each sheet or else no creditwill be awarded.Graphing calculators are permitted but class notes, completed homework prob-lems and all electronic devices such as a cellphone are not allowed. However,once you’ve finished your test, you are authorized to use your cellphone for thesole purpose of scanning your test and sending an email to yourself with thatscanned document attached.Additionally, you are not allowed to share your computer with another stu-dent and no one else is permitted to be in the room as you take this exam.Furthermore, you will be recorded by Proctorio(an online proctoring tool totrack your movements) as you complete this test. So you are not allowed toleave your seat at any time and must remain in view of the camera. It’s im-portant to position your computer’s camera with a view of the top half of yourbody before beginning this test.Any student caught violating any of the rules mentioned, will receive a grade ofa 0%(F) on this test.Finally, once you’re finished with this test, take out your cellphone and scanyour test using an app such as Camscanner then send an email to yourself tosave on your computer’s hard-drive, in order to upload and submit on Proctorio.Good luck !


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