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What code would you write to generate a heatmap, for the following data (shown in a data table below)?

Source data: https:// code so far for data tableon Jupyter Notebook) :

import numpy as np

import pandas as pd

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

%matplotlib inline

# import the seaborn package

import seaborn as sns

df_tab_example = pd.read_csv(‘/ACTF/home/lthura/class_dir_shortcut/Team_Projects/Team_Seismic/maize_fpkms.tsv’,skiprows=4,sep=’t’,index_col=False)  

df_tab_example.drop(‘Gene Name’,axis=1,inplace=True)


jupyter Team_Project_Descriptions Last Checkpoint: 6 hours ago (unsaved changes)LogoutControl PanelFileEditViewInsertCellKernelWidgetsHelpTrustedPython 3 OHM RunCCodeIn [46]:import numpy as npimport pandas as pdimport matplotlib. pyplot as plt%matplotlib inline# import the seaborn packageimport seaborn as snsdf_tab_example = pd. read_cav(‘ /ACTF/home/1thura/class_dir_shortcut/Team_Projects/Team_Seismic/maize_fpkms . tv’ , skiprows=4, sepdf_tab_example . drop( ‘ Gene Name’ , axis=1, inplace=True)df_tab_exampleOut [46 ] :Gene IDbundle sheath,leaf mesophyll,leaf, 1 cm above theleaf, 1 cm below thebundle sheathleaf, 1 cm below theleaf three liguleleaf, 4 cm above themesophyll cellleaf three tipleaf two liguleleaf two ligule0 ENSRNA049453693NaNNaNNaNNaN2.0NaN1 ENSRNA0494537176.02.0NaN6.0NaNNaN2 ENSRNA04945384158. ENSRNA049454125NaNNaN3.02.01.0NaN4 ENSRNA04945457113. ENSRNA0494547506.0NaNNaNNaN2.0NaN6 ENSRNA0494547672.0NaN5.0NaNNaNNaN


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