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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic abiding faith and the ageism in the american workplace. According to the paper they have the memberships but the visits to the churches are not much. Very lesser percentage of the people that is participative spends only an hour or two hours in the religious activities such as reading Bible etc. When the people are away from the knowledge of the Bible and morals that their religion supports, they automatically start getting involved in the activities that are not ethical. So when the people harass their seniors in the offices with the bad jokes or insulting behaviors referring to chapter “Ageism in the American Workplaces”. They portrays through their behaviors that they are not conveying the morals of their religion because they are away from it. That distance from the religion makes them able to do the unethical activities in their daily routine tasks. So they misbehave with their co workers and juniors.

From this study it is clear that&nbsp.religion of any group defines their culture, norms, values, traditions and ethics. It defines different groups based on some similar characteristics. It combines the people from different colors and castes. The people from different language and ethnicity can have the same religion.&nbsp.The dedication, commitment and hard work of the older employees are no more considered to be the important factors and they are terminated from their jobs many times for no reasons. All of these activities are increased because of the lack of religious morals in the people.


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