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Write a 7 pages paper on ios development using watchkit. From this paper it is clear that in the mobile platform, a large market share is held by the iPhone. this being the reason behind interest in learning about iPhone development. The process of development entails an outline of how to establish the hardware for the applications. Setting of the software requirements and the final system requirements is also part of the process. Apple Inc. has made it easier for people who want to become developers with them. All a person needs is an account charged $99 annually, a mac computer, Xcode platform and a coding experience, such as the Swift and Objective-C coding languages. A developer page is availed that allows for download of the latest software and SDKs. The page also enables a certification for creation of profiles and groups and one has is free to manage the account and report any difficulty or bugs faced.

As the study highlights&nbsp.the apple Inc. created a modern programming language called swift. It is specifically developed to be more precise and flexible that the Objective-C. Swift has LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) compiler framework that utilizes the objective-C runtime allowing C, C++, Swift code and Objective-C to run in a single program. The flexibility of Swift is attributed to its capacity to support widespread late binding, dynamic dispatch and extensible programming.&nbsp.The Swift programming language has several features that indicate some similarities to the Objective-C, though are easier and more flexible.


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