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Requirements: 5 pages, double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, MLA page numbering and heading, title, 5 sources on the annotated bibliography page

Set-Up: Arguing about a concept in academia can be a challenge. Research is necessary in order to make sure that your readers HEAR you. The goal for any academic argument is to be HEARD, not to “win” or make more sense than the opposition. It also requires you, the author, to recognize the opposition to your argument.

Activity: Students will construct a 5-page argumentative research paper, complete with an annotated bibliography of sources used

Students will take a stance either agreeing or disagreeing with the chosen topic and lay out their claim and evidence and counterarguments throughout the paper.


1) Do not “list” citations within the text. Piling quotes on top of each other just shows me that you can pick quotes. I am more interested in how you USE citations and quotes to support your claim. REMEMBER, this is YOUR claim, NOT THE SOURCES’ CLAIM.

2) Your counterargument is NOT 2 sentences and then move on. You should be very familiar with the counter against your claim. That means explaining the counterargument, explaining HOW it exists, and then WHY it falls short based on your claim. You are NOT undermining your claim by doing this, you are showing that you understand your topic THOROUGHLY and can dismiss it.

3) Your conclusion should answer the almighty common question: WHY does this topic and also your claim about it MATTER?


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