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Soft selling occurs when a buyer is skeptical of the usefulness of a product and the seller offers to set a price that depends on realized value. For example, suppose a sales representative is trying to sell a company a new accounting system that will, with certainty, reduce costs by 10%. However, the customer has heard this claim before and believes there is only a 10% chance of actually realizing that cost reduction and a 90% chance of realizing no cost reduction.

Assume the customer has an initial total cost of $800.

According to the customer’s beliefs, the expected value of the accounting system, or the expected reduction in cost, is.___?____

Suppose the sales representative initially offers the accounting system to the customer for a price of $44.00.

The information asymmetry stems from the fact that the____?______  buyer or sales rep  has less information about the efficacy of the accounting system than does the _____?_______  buyer or sales rep  . At this price, the customer____?______  will or will not  purchase the accounting system, since the expected value of the accounting system is____?____ less or greater    than the price.

Instead of naming a price, suppose the sales representative offers to give the customer the product in exchange for 50% of the cost savings. If there is no reduction in cost for the customer, then the customer does not have to pay.

True or False: 

This pricing scheme alleviates some of the information asymmetry that is present in this scenario.




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