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1. Given what you have learned about child development and Baumrind’s classifications of parenting style, I would like you to cite and discuss at least 2 examples of parenting – both good and bad that you may have observed. (Examples from real life and/or media sources are fine.) If ready examples do not come to mind, try watching the film, Parenthood or a similar source.

Try to classify (and present evidence to support your classification) the kind of parenting you see/saw in the example you cite.

If you use an outside source, be sure to reference it in APA-style. (1-2 paragraphs)

2. We know that children, their ability to understand, their ability to comply with requests, and to misbehave change with age – given this, are there developmental periods when different parenting styles are appropriate? Yes or no, and why? Provide evidence for your choice.

Are there concerns with using the work of Baumrind to classify parenting?

Support your answer with examples and outside sources referenced in APA-style. (2 paragraphs)

3. Lastly, adolescence is a period that both parents and children can find difficult. Read Kolbert’s article, The Terrible Teens, on adolescent brains posted in the ADOLESCENCE module.

Using the information in the article and your text, what can parents do to assist their children in navigating this period safely without alienating their children? Be creative! Do some investigation online. Refer directly to the article and your text. Please cite your sources in APA-style. (2 paragraphs)


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