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– Subject: Internet Marketing

– The recommended material for the assignment (please include all of these in the citations on the assignment):

  • Integrating Online and Offline Strategies (3rd Edition) – 978-1133625902 (ONLY CHAPTERS 12 & 13 FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT). File attached.

– The assignment should follow the APA Guidelines.

– Answer the following essay questions:

1. This module makes references to both testing and conventional marketing research. What testing and research techniques are appropriate in the website development process and what is the role of each?

2. Explain the concept of “consumer experience.” What is its relevance to Internet marketing? Contrast that with the role of the consumer experience in the offline retailing environment. How would one create a complimentary experience online and in a physical space?

3. How does a marketer know when a site should simply be improved upon and when it should be completely redesigned and relaunched?

4. The Internet has the capacity to increase customer expectations about service levels and to be the vehicle that delivers service that meets or exceeds those expectations. Take a position on this statement and discuss it.

5. Do you believe that good customer service has a direct impact on the profitability of a business? Can you provide evidence to back up your position?  Discuss how a personal interaction has influenced your decision to continue to be a loyal customer or to abandon your loyalty based on a bad experience.


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