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Write a 5 pages paper on borderline personality disorder. In the movie, Hedra is the character that displays signs of borderline personality disorder. It is rather confusing because the signs she displays also are similar to the ones one would display due to trauma. This is because she had lost her twin sister and had barely moved on from it. Her behaviors can possibly be due to the trauma but strong indications point towards Borderline Personality Disorder.

In the very first scene of the movie, the twins are shown while playing (0:00). When Hedra meets Allison, she tells her that her twin was born still (0:19) but Allison soon realizes that it was a lie because she finds a photo of Hedra and her twin sister then later on she discovers a clipping from the newspaper that reports that one of the twins drowned at the age of 9 (0:53). This is the first indication that Hedra had something to hide from Allison but unfortunately for her, Allison discovered the truth sooner than she had hoped.

The first real indications that Hedra might be having a mental illness are showed when her pills are revealed (0:18) and (1:35). Another scene that shows that Hedra has a mental disorder is the point where she talks to her father on the phone and he talks about a doctor (1:07). This gives the audience an idea of what to expect of her as the movie progresses.

Looking at the Borderline Personality Disorder criteria. Hedra is indeed involved in a number of physical fights but they do not appear to originate from her showing her temper before.


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