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Write 1 page with APA style on Process Theories of Motivation and Attribution Theory of Motivation. Unit 10: Process theories of motivation and attribution theory of motivation

Significance of organizational structure and reason for the significance

Organizational structure matters to any organizational set up because of the difference in utility levels that is attributable to the various levels of organizational structures. This integrates with motivational theories to define behavior of an organization’s member towards attaining the desired level. Process motivational theories such as “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” theory and “Alderfer’s EGR theory” are examples of applicable motivational theories (Borkowski, 2009, p. 103). Similarly, a person’s position in an organization can be attributed to the organization’s structure that may induce behavior for promotion to higher levels of the organization’s structure. The structure, therefore, influences members’ behavior and efforts (Borkowski, 2009).

Ways in which health care organizations should develop structures for the future

Based on the fundamentals of both process theories of motivation and attribution theory of motivation that identifies the need to satisfy utility as a motivational factor, modern healthcare organizations should develop structures with distinguishable levels for different utilities. This will have the impact of motivating members to demonstrate outstanding performances for promotion to higher levels of the developed structure (Borkowski, 2009).


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