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part 1In yourrole as a senior level network administrator for the IT Guru corporation, you have been invited to a meeting with the executive management team to discuss the potential for expanding the organizations service offerings into the IT Governance and Audit domain. You also have been asked to discuss the concept of cloud governance and the SOC2 audit and provide your opinion on the idea of offering SOC2 audit services to the organizations clients.In this Discussion Board assignment, answer the following questions: Explain the concept of cloud governance, the SOC2 audit, and the tools used for cloud governance. Provide your opinion as towhy or why not you would recommend expanding into offering cloud governance and SOC2 audit services.part 2The leadership team of the IT Guru corporation would like to see some of their employees get published in trade journals to help promote the credibility and professionalism of the organization. As the senior network administrator you have been asked to submit an article to the “Cloud Brokers” trade journal and discuss your thoughts and research onthe following 4 questions: What should someone consider when defining their strategies for their specific cloud configuration? What are the components of cloud architecture today and how might this change in the future? Are there any specific network configuration management practices you would recommend for a cloud computing environment? What advice would you offer to someone considering offering a database storage solution via a cloud platform?


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