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Need help with my writing homework on Caring for an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Last year, my grandmother of eighty-seven years of age finally succumbed to disease. I can explain with certainty that it was a long and painful demise. People that develop Alzheimer’s disease change. First thing to go is the memory. Many people have regular memory issues, but when they repeat themselves constantly, occasionally are violently angry, and are taken over by dementia, caring for them becomes extremely difficult. Alzheimer’s is an unfortunate and incurable disease that affects a great deal of people. Family members, caretakers, and nursing homes are frequently burdened with patients with this terrible disease. These are some of the many reasons why I have chosen caring for those with Alzheimer’s as my topic for the final paper.&nbsp. Slowly but surely, ‘Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients lose their memory and their cognitive abilities, and even their personalities may change dramatically. These changes are due to the progressive dysfunction and death of nerve cells that are responsible for the storage and processing of information. Although drugs can temporarily improve memory, at present there are no treatments that can stop or reverse the inexorable neurodegenerative process. But rapid progress towards understanding the cellular and molecular alterations that are responsible for the neuron’s demise may soon help in developing effective preventative and therapeutic strategies’ (Mattson 2004).


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