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Selecting an instructional Design Model  for Your Design Project Assignment

Week 2 Assignment: In the week 2 Blog, state the theme you are developing for the final project (such as history, nursing, special education, statistics, professional development, etc.) for your online lesson or unit, then create a chart that outlines the following:

  1. State a learning theory/model that you will utilize to guide your instructional design. This should be chosen based on the results from the needs assessment.
  2. Explain the theory associated with this model.
  3. Describe why this learning theory/model is necessary for the content and students chosen.
  4. Describe impacts this learning theory/model may have on the instructional design (practical application).
  5. Describe impacts this learning theory/model may have on the design of navigation and usability in the online LMS.
  6. What are the pros and cons of the learning theory/model for the purposes of the topic and design (critical thinking; what will you be able to do within the confines of this project and what will you not be able to do?)

Sample/Suggested models:

Goal-based model

Case-based teaching

Constructivist model/inquiry based learning

Experimental model

Project based learning model

Problem based learning model/guided design

Personalized model

Scaffold/cognitive model (look at Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Cooperative learning model

Cognitive learning model

Behaviorist learning model


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