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I need some assistance with these assignment. meta-analysis as a research method of posttraumatic stress disorder in trauma-exposed adults Thank you in advance for the help! In factors such as previous trauma, education and general childhood adversity that were used to predict PTSD varied according to the population studied and the method used. When it came to factors such as psychiatric history, family psychiatric history and reported child abuse these factors indicated more predictive effects. The results of the study indicated that the effect size of all risk factors was modest, but factors operating prior to or after the trauma had some stronger effects.

By using the different study to conclude the research the researchers are combining apples and oranges in the sense that, they are using different research to contrast with the research being conducted in order to establish a relationship. Combining different studies and contrasting them may compromise the analysis where the researcher may not look beyond the studies conducted as they deal with previous research. For that reason, they do not view other factors in the present. The studies need to be combined to establish how different demographics affect people with PTSD. By combining the study with previous research the researcher may find something common relationship between the study. hence, establishing the overall effectiveness of the intervention. Additionally, combining and contrasting give the research strength of the relationship between variables.&nbsp.


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