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A 500-600 words scholarly paper on the topic “Environmental impact on the health of Older adults”. 

This paper is intended to help you identify and to promote the scholarly examination of current issues and topics related to the health and physical aspects of aging. 

We have to find a peer reviewed article regarding the topic published between 2012-2020. I found one article that I’ve attached, if you could find another that would be a better fit please do so.

Follow APA 7 format.


  • have an introduction that includes a statement of the purpose of the paper, the rationale for selecting this topic (e.g. the importance or relevance of the topic to the health and physical aspects of aging). It should tell the reader what you will be presenting in the body of the paper.

•          have a body of the paper that provides information to the reader and demonstrates your evaluative and analytical ability. You can use headings (see APA formatting) in this section to better organise your discussion.

•          have a conclusion that is a summary of the points you have made and should not contain new information.Following is the grading rubric.

Introduction (2 marks)

Definition of concepts and relationship between concepts (8 marks)

Organisation and presentation of Ideas (4 marks)

Readability including length (2 marks, 0 marks if too long)

Grammar, APA formatting, referencing (2 marks)

Conclusion (2 marks, 0 marks if beyond the 2.5 page limit)


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