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Need someone to respond to these statements. What are your thoughts on these?

Mark Mulder posted Oct 7, 2021 3:18 PM

In the long run, busing helped Boston because it desegregated the school system, provided equal educational opportunity for minority students, and set the stage for racial healing and an improved racial climate in the twenty-first century. 

The Boston school district refused to desegregate in accordance with the federal plans to do such. As such, a federal judge, Wendell Garrity, forced them to do so using the busing plan, which was to be adopted by the schools. Unfortunately, this plan was not well thought out in the short run. Rather than allowing integration to run in a more natural manner, Garrity forced an immediate transition which only sparked racial violence. However, in the long run, it forced people to get used to the new norm. While it did eventually work, there were much better plans that could have been implemented.

With the new norm being growing up in a multi-racial society, the new generations would become more and more open to it, and only the older generations would give resistance. As can be seen in several documents, the youngest students, such as those in preschool, cared little about race. The primary reason they practiced it was because of what their parents told them to do. Meanwhile, older students who had already grown into the old system offered far more resistance. This is in part, as McAllister said, due to a cultural split and misunderstanding from both sides.


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