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 Question: In your first leadership course of the program, LDR-600, you learned about leadership and vocation. One of your readings, “Leadership as a Vocation,” has been included again in this course for quick reference. As you review the topic Resources and reflect on your experience within the program, how has your understanding of leadership as a vocation changed? How do your skills and dispositions demonstrate leadership as your vocation?

Answer: Leadership as a vocation in my understanding involves inspiring, inviting, and organizing others to serve the neighbor and the community (2005). Vocational leaders undertake tasks that require the cooperation and involvement of others. Today’s world is shaped by technological and commercial innovations and disruptions(2015). With change being a constant for all business domains, good leadership has evolved to become more flexible and highly adaptable, which changed my understanding of leadership vocation (2021). My skills and demonstrating leadership as my vocation as a leader, has me spending a lot of time communicating with my team or employees. I am communicating clearly, taking responsibility, and becoming a thought leader.


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