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Sales promotion is a direct inducement that offers extra incentives (e.g., coupons, rebates, buy-one-get-one) to enhance or accelerate the product’s movement from producer to consumer. Sales promotion:

— May be used anywhere along the marketing route: from manufacturer to dealer, dealer to customer, or manufacturer to customer.

— Normally involves a direct inducement (such as money, prizes, etc.) that provides extra incentives to buy, visit the store, request literature, or take some other action.

— Is designed to speed up the selling process. Sales promotion expenditures in some companies consume 75 percent of the advertising/promotion budget, compared to 25 percent for advertising. Sales promotion is expensive, but effective.

By Wednesday, post at least once regarding the following. By Sunday please reply at least twice to your classmates.

  • What do you think of these points?
  • Can you share any observations of these dynamics occurring in the marketplace?
  • Can you share any experiences of your employers (past or present) experiencing these dynamics?


Have a look at some of the winning campaigns from the  Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Consider the creative approaches used as well as the media executions. Select 1 example and discuss how they utilized integrated marketing communications effectively. Consider the target market, the message, the objectives and the media choices when discussing the effectiveness of the implementation.


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