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Instructions for the Compare/Contrast Essay

Comparison/Contrast, as a method for developing ideas, involves the careful examination of similarities and differences between people, objects, or ideas to arrive at a judgment or conclusion. Your objective will be to construct a 500 word compare/contrast paper in which you highlight the similarities OR differences between two subjects. You will choose a topic from the list below. If you have a topic in mind that you would like to write on that’s not on the list, you will need my consent before moving forward. You should have at least three points of comparison or contrast for your two subjects.  Be sure to have your own unique title and use MLA format. Use the point by point method to construct your paper. For more information on this, see Chapter 11 in your textbook. Also, you should use transitional words/phrases to allow for smooth transitions from one point to the next. You should not use any sources for this paper! Use what you know about the two subjects only. Here’s the list:

1. High school classes and college classes

2. Studying with a friend and studying alone

3. Your best friend in childhood and your best friend now

4. Two places where you have lived

5. Live music compared to recorded music

6. Using public transportation and driving your own car

7. Cooking dinner at home and eating out 

8. Virtual learning and in person learning

9. Ebooks and Physical Textbooks

10. Employed students and unemployed students 


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